Saltaire History Club


Dayton Spike


To celebrate Sir Titus Salts great-grandson's, Denys Salts, 95th birthday Sally created a unique piece that celebrated the famous Alpaca textile Mill the Salts owned with a less well known venture which the family was also involved with in Dayton, Tennessee. 

Cutlers Company of Hallamshire


Consort's Badge


​In October 2011 the Cutlers Company of Hallamshire installed their first female Master and Sally was invited to create a contemporary Badge for her Husband who would take the role of Consort during her year in office. This piece took all the traditional symbolism of the Company and refreshed them in to a new design.

Cutlers Company of Hallamshire


Cufflinks and Brooches


​Due to the success of the Consorts Badge Sally was asked again to work for the Cutlers Company to design cufflinks and brooches, for their Freemen, reflecting the style of the Consort’s Badge.

Sheffield Assay Office


​​​​​​​​​​​​Little Gems


Having started on the Yorkshire Artspace Starter Studio Programme for Silversmiths Sally was soon offered a Sheffield Assay Office commission to produce new work to exhibit at the metalwork festival ‘Galvanize’ 2011. This piece was displayed at the Millennium Galleries in the heart of Sheffield before going into the Assay Office's contemporary silver collection.